domingo, 8 de febrero de 2015

ENGLISH BLOG Diary of the PBL project 3rd ESO-D

Written by Jesús Martín
15th January 2015:

Today, 15th January, we have started the PBL project of the 2nd term in the English class.

It has been a fantastic time, we were all in groups talking and discussing about the different ideas after discussing how we would like to do the project. 

We don’t know a lot about the Golden Age and Madrid. I´m afraid most of us have never been in any of the places in the novel by Rosa Huertas, but we are going on a school tour next week.  We had some trouble agreeing on what do but in the end we did it.

We know that we are going to read and look into different issues, then we´ll have to decide what we need and what is not necessary. Tomorrow we will continue!

16th January 2015:

Yesterday we started the project, but today we have had an excellent English class, because Carlos, our English teacher, is very satisfied with our ideas, all the class imagine a very good project, personally I think it´s going to be the best.

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