domingo, 8 de marzo de 2015

ENGLISH BLOG Diary of the PBL project 3rd ESO-D-E

26th March
Today we´ve been working on Lope de Vega´s house. The visit to the house was interesting, now making the map of the building has been difficult but I think we´ve done a good job.
Jorge Panadero, 3-D
In the 17th Century, there were some legends in Madrid that became very popular. Some of them were quite scary and had something to do with buildings. There are many documents that tell about legends in Madrid, although many of them happened after that century.
Mei Pérez de Camino, 3-D
We are recording a video, it´s a lot of fun. We have read a few legends that were famous in the Golden Age Madrid to get some ideas for our video.
Diego García, 3-E

Prof.: Carlos Hernández

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